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That's right, you can only join the Teaching Membership NOW through August 30th. Then I'm closing down the doors to focus on Choir Baton Teaching Members.

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Teaching Membership

Do you find yourself looking for notes sheets and assessments you can implement in your choir rehearsals?

Do you desire strategies to enhance your teaching and students learning? 

Do you find yourself in need of a process to teach choir to singers with a huge range of experience and expertise?

Do you desire a community of like-minded music educators who are seeking to be the best versions of themselves for their themself, their family, friends, and their students? 

Then the Choir Baton Teaching Membership might just be what you've been looking for

Choir Worksheet for music literacy

Why worksheets and assessments?

You must collect data as an educator. "Showing up" and "rehearsal skills" no longer cut it. Choir Baton is committed to bringing you exceptional materials you can easily implement, utilize, and track to show student progress.

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Why do I need the teaching membership?

You geniunely don't. You're doing a great job as it is. Truly. But if you're the kind of teacher always looking to try something new or think about something in a different way, the CBTM might be for you.

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Membership is open now through August 30th!

Here's the story behind the teaching membership idea...

I moved back to NC with 3 years experience of teaching Middle and High School Chorus and a newly minted Masters Degree in Choral Conducting. I was ready to build the choral program of my dreams. But that didn't happen. Instead I started at a school that hadn't had a music program in several years and the majority of the students did not want to be there. 

What that position taught me is that I had no idea how to teach music. And that while singing is "easy" choir is highly specialized. There is a culture to choir we often forget about as trained professionals and experienced choir singers.

I had no idea where to start and why I should start there. Teachers Pay Teachers was just becoming a thing and I would scour it at night looking for resources. But, it all felt geared more towards elementary students or white kids. I needed materials any student could relate to, that looked "mature," but also started at a basic level with repetition.

My assessments also stunk. I needed to track growth and ... quite frankly, if a student was doing their work or not. ("Rehearsal Grades" just weren't cutting it) But I didn't want to give crappy assessments. 

I needed a place online for consistent, tactical advice. To show me their how and why. To provide resources and ideas to help and guide me. 

I couldn't find one anywhere. 

After years of waiting for someone else that I was convinced would be "better" than me or "more talented," I realized I needed to build this. If I didn't, I would regret it forever. 

And now you're here. You're reading this. And I hope this space provides you what I needed all those years ago. If I've learned anything in my career, it's that we're really not all that different. We love music, we love people, and we love learning. And we want to be the best we can. It's my hope that the Choir Baton Teaching Membership empowers you to do so. 

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Hi, I'm Beth and I want #morepeoplesinging

I had 3 years of experience teaching 6th - 12th grade choir and fresh masters degree in choral conducting under my belt when I started teaching at a school that hadn't had a music program in several years. 

I realized I had no idea how to start teaching students with no prior knowledge of choir. That was the hardest year of my life but it served as catalyst for my mission of #morepeoplesinging. 

In the years that followed I realized those first three years as a teacher were an exception. More than ever students are entering middle and high school choral programs with huge range of skills. My desire is that with this membership you have the resources I needed and wanted as an educator. 

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