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How to Teach Choir for Life-Long Musicianship

An On-Demand Course for Teachers with step-by-step instruction on how to: 

ADDRESS INDIVIDUAL SKILLS » Construct your rehearsals to address and strengthen each student’s growth on a variety of skills. The stronger the individual skills of each singer, the more you empower the entire choir and each singer’s future in choirs. 

USE COLLABORATIVE FRAMEWORKS » Use rehearsal formulas that promote student leadership, ownership, and group independence in practice sessions and sectionals.  

ACCELERATE STUDENT GROWTH » Shake up the status quo by starting with the CB model that builds an intentional foundation of musical understanding that 

EMPOWER LIFELONG MUSICIANSHIP » Connect choir skills & fundamentals to all music while creating opportunities for social and emotional learning to promote student ownership and collaboration.

PLUS, BONUSES + WORKSHEETS GALORE » Instant access to 3 sample future Choir Baton courses, planning templates, assessments packet, instructional slides, and more.