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This new series of courses cover a variety of topics for choir teachers in need of a new approach for teaching choir in 2023. If you're looking to re-energize your teaching and your self, choir teacher - we got you.

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This has been a life saver! @choirbaton gives you the basics and leaves room to adapt it for your own program.


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High School Choir Teacher





It's not about following other people's paths, it's about finding inspiration to embrace your own unique journey.


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Find a group of people committed to growth and rooted in a mission for #MorePeopleSinging. 


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If you haven't joined Choir Baton, it's amazing!!! If you're especially interested in how to sequence music literacy concepts, she has some great resources based off her experience. This isn't an ad. I just genuinely love the content Beth has put out there and the community she has created. 


Choir Teacher Review of Choir Baton Learning



From singing in church at the age of 4 to creating an online course for over 400 choir teachers during March of 2020, Beth Philemon has a heart for choral music and people. Choir Baton started as a social media experiment to connect choir teachers and singers around the world through Instagram in 2018.

Today, Choir Baton continues to inspire people around the world through the Choir Baton Podcast, Choir Baton Learning, social media, and more. 

If you're looking for somewhere that "sounds" like #MorePeopleSinging - you're in the right place! It's my hope that Choir Baton is place where you feel inspired to embrace your voice, experience personal and musical growth, and know you're not alone. 


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I have so many concrete ideas now of things to do with my students that will really be helpful for literacy and I'm excited to keep going through these modules!


Review of Choir Baton Learning

Choir Teacher


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I'm going into my 7th year of teaching and I'm trying to figure out what and how to teach this year and @choirbaton is so helpful for working through all that! It has practical applications, it sequences step by step when and how to introduce concepts and how to practice them... it's divine. Truly.


Review of Choir Baton Learning

Middle School Choir Teacher

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