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Choir Baton Singer Courses

The #MorePeopleSinging mission expands to reach adult singers through a series of online courses. 


August Mini-Course with the Choir Baton Teaching Membership

The All Encompassing Syllabus

Choir Baton Teaching Membership

a resource library to help you build and enhance your work as a choir teacher. 

with the Choir Baton Teaching Membership you can

stop combing through endless YouTube videos for ideas and techniques

+stop searching through Teachers Pay Teachers and JW Pepper for worksheets and assessments

+stop feeling isolated from other choir teachers 


Free Course: Teaching Amidst Covid-19

A FREE 3-day crash course in teaching choir amidst a worldwide shut down of schools... because there wasn't a chapter in a music education book or day in the college syllabus for how to handle this.



Where It Began

Choir Baton first began as an Instagram account for different people to take over each day and showcase their life in choir! Go to Instagram today to check out recent takeovers.

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Where It Continued

Choir Baton evolved to a podcast designed to engage in and further conversations about life and choir. To date we have over 30 episodes on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and YouTube! 

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Where It Is Today

The Choir Baton Teaching Membership started online in 2019 to promote #morepeoplesinging for teachers. In 2020 Singer Courses were added to our online resources.

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A Message from Choir Baton Founder...

I got tired of not knowing how to effectively and efficiently teach new, inexperienced, or "rusty" teenagers/ adults how understand the music notation to enable confidence and ultimate success in choir. So I set out to learn.
I got tired of feeling isolated and alone as the only choir conductor in my school, church, community choirs. So I set out to build a place for choral conductors to connect with each other and with singers

Choir Baton is for anyone interested in learning more about choir. 

Choir Baton is designed to promote #morepeoplesinging.

Choir Baton is here to remind you #YourVoiceIsEnough

Choir Baton seeks to remind you that choir is not just about the music, but choir is about the people.

Whether you're in a school, church, or community choir - a conductor, singer, composer, enthusiast, or administrator -

Welcome to your choir community. 



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