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A Message from Choir Baton Founder...

I got tired of not knowing how to effectively and efficiently teach new, inexperienced, or "rusty" teenagers/ adults how understand the music notation to enable confidence and ultimate success in choir. So I set out to learn.
I got tired of feeling isolated and alone as the only choir conductor in my school, church, community choirs. So I set out to build a place for choral conductors to connect with each other and with singers
Choir Baton is for anyone interested in learning more about choir. 
Choir Baton is designed to promote #morepeoplesinging.
Choir Baton is here to remind you #YourVoiceIsEnough
Choir Baton seeks to remind you that choir is not just about the music, but choir is about the people.
Whether you're in a school, church, or community choir - a conductor, singer, composer, enthusiast, or administrator -
Welcome to your choir community. 

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